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Let’s Release and Celebrate

  I love this time of the year, starting to plan for next year, and I get a real buzz as we shoot into 2016 ready for it to burst open with all its opportunity and potential! And that is cool, fun, important and very exciting – and I am NEVER one to get anyoneContinue Reading

The Best Leadership Quotes To Reboot Your Mindset Right Now

Words have a massive impact on our work places and our lives.  They can make us giggle or cry, hurt us or heal us, and they can offer us hope or despair in a second.  An effective selection of words can heighten the positive emotions of an experience, just as a different choice of wordsContinue Reading

THE B!TCH DEBATE – Is Being Too Nice Really Holding You Back?

Do we really need to “bring back the bitch” in order to get ahead? Are all of these leadership and workplace commentators that I’ve been reading lately really encouraging women to become belligerent control freaks in order to progress in their careers? I’m not into it. When I hear the word bitch, I associate itContinue Reading


Continue Reading

Overcome FEAR Now!

As you face your leadership role, have you ever asked yourself… What if I really can’t do this?  What if I don’t have what it takes?  And what about – what if everyone finds out I really don’t know what I’m doing? No, I have not been reading your personal diary.  I know about theseContinue Reading

Start With The End In Mind

​ When it comes to productivity, success, and leadership, the road at times can seem long and challenging. After all, where do you start, with so many tasks, KPI’s and goals to meet in your everyday work life? Whether it’s business, communications, your relationships, or anything else in your life, it all comes down toContinue Reading

Leadership Mastery – Start With The End In Mind

The words we use send a message with every sentence we speak, and that message can be something that empowers us and others, or not. As leaders we want what we say to create the right impact and a positive influence that enables us to get our message across in the way we intended, toContinue Reading

The Three Keys To Getting Back On Track With Your Goals

Want to step closer to your goals this year instead of hiding from them? It’s that time of the year again. The start of a new year, and for many, it is also the time to put their goals in writing or in an app, to get clear on who they want to be, whatContinue Reading

End This Year On A High!

You have worked all year at being productive, engaged and successful, and as leaders, you also share the lessons you learnt with those around you at every opportunity.  As you move very quickly towards the New Year, it’s a great time to take a few moments and ensure you are set up in the bestContinue Reading